Dude, Where's my home?

Three dog owners recently told police at District A-15 they saw a landscaper at the Bricklayers Apprentice Fund at 550 Medford St. leave what they believe to be poisoned hot dog pieces on the grass.

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You know how much I love my dog. That furry little bastard means the world to me. Along with my wife he is my best friend.

Reading shit like this makes me sick. 

Here’s the number, and the address for the Bricklayers Apprentice Fund.

550 Medford Street  
Charlestown, MA 02129

(617) 242-5507

I’ve already made a call to let them know how deplorable this is, and that the person who conducted these actions should be immediately fired, but not before letting Michael Vick’s dogs have at it with this dudes genitals. 

Give them a call and let them know how you feel about animal cruelty. 

Please re-blog this as much as possible. Let’s make this asshole famous.